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Post-doc position in Oncotherapeutics LAB 
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Job Description: 
A postdoctoral position is available immediately for highly motivated Ph.D. graduates with background in oncology, molecular or cellular biology, biochemistry or other related fields who are interested in deciphering functions and targeting of oncogenic proteins in the context of cancer. The laboratory has developed a number of patented and novel drugs to novel therapeutic targets in oncology and the preclinical development and characterization of these drugs in various clinical contexts will form the basis for the programme. The successful candidate will help to design experiments, conduct experiments, analyse data, write papers, write grants, mentor students, and compete for fellowships. 
Qualifications may include the following: 
•A Ph.D. in cancer biology or related area, the doctoral degree obtained within 2 years; 
• Be under the age of 35 and physically adequate 
•Expertise in DNA and protein biology (including work on oncogenic proteins and transcription factors) is preferred 
•Strong background and working knowledge of basic molecular and cellular biology techniques such as cell culture, cloning, real-time PCR and western blotting 
• Any experience with animal modelling, analyses of human clinical samples, is highly desirable 
• Experience in drug development, mechanisms and interactions 
•A proven track record in the form of publications in international English language journals 
• Ability to communicate in written and spoken English 
Salary, Subsidies, and Benefits: 
•Obtain relevant salary and housing arrangement according to TBSI Postdoc Announce and related regulations in Shenzhen 
•TBSI postdoctoral allowances of 120,000 RMB per year (pre-tax) 
•Application-based living subsidies of 180,000 RMB (tax free) per year for postdocs passing proposal-term and mid-term, provided by the Human Resources & Social Security Administration of Shenzhen Municipality. 
• After leaving TBSI, postdocs can apply for research grants of 300,000 RMB for three years if they continue to conduct scientific research in Shenzhen. Qualified postdocs are also encouraged to apply for Shenzhen High-Level Talents program or Shenzhen Peacock Talents Plan to receive corresponding benefits. 
Applications should include full curriculum vitae, publication list, and names and contact information of 3 referees. Please also include a summary of your research experience and a brief paragraph on why you want to join the Lobie lab. 
Prof. Peter E. Lobie 
Email: pelobie@sz.tsinghua.edu.cn 
Dr. Vijay Pandey 
Email: vijay.pandey@sz.tsinghua.edu.cn  

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